The Sound of Snow


If you go outside during a snow storm, you’ll notice it sounds different. Everything looks different too. At night reflected light makes street lights cast back more light and it brightens dark allies and pathways with soft, cool light.

By day, the same light can be blinding. But there’s something even more amazing about how the light plays on the snow.

Snow can also make dogs turn absolutely crazy. Some dogs don’t want to step foot into the snow while other dogs will plow face first through the snow. My wife and I have a Husky-Shepherd who is the latter. The changes within the dog family, “each to it’s kind”, has allowed us to have big hairy strong dogs that can pull sleds through feet of snow and tiny almost hairless ones that need little sweaters to stay warm in a light summer breeze!

So, this weekend, if you are sitting in your house, and you have snow or no snow; or a dog, or no dog, check out the Dog Honor.

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The Sound of Snow

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