The Showdown

For all you out there who like westerns and (what I think is an) allegory…

The Show Down

Abigail Meana sat in the soda
shop with her posse. “You want another root beer? It’s on the house,”
asked the tender, McNeil. “I’m good.” replied Abigail. Suddenly the
double doors swung open. They flew in with such a powerful rush that everyone
thought it must be another word slinger come to challenge Abigail. But in
skittered little ole Miss Elizabeth Loner. “Hey, Lizzy, the usual?”
asked McNeil. Liz only nodded. “Hey, Liz. Did ya hear the one about the
one legged horse and the tumble weed?” with this remark Abigail set off on
a long line of donkey sounds in an attempt to mimic Elizabeth’s unique laugh.
“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,” mumbled Liz.
“What’d you just say?” sputtered Abigail. “Now I know you didn’t
just suggest that I’d compliment you.” “I didn’t say ya did it on
purpose.” “Listen here, Lizzy,” snarled Abigail. “One more word outta your
mouth and we have a show down.” “I ain’t having no show down with no one,”
declared Lizzy as she exited the soda shop. But Abigail followed her outside.
“You know you’re such a loser!” she shouted as she pulled out her Silver Tongue
edition 24/7 automatic and fired. The shot left a hefty scar on Elizabeth. But
Lizzy was quick, and light on her feet. She ducked behind some barrels. “You
know this really ain’t fair. She got that big old silver tongue edition out
there, and all I got is a little do-to-others + kind words stunner,” said Liz
to herself. A little bit of thunder grumbled overhead like a simple message
from on high. “Yeah, yeah, I know, God. ‘Thou shalt not kill.’ But I wish you’d
tell her that and not me,” Lizzy mumbled. Liz peaked over the barrel and sent a
little bolt at Abigail. “Loser has been changed to stand for Last One
Standing Every Round.” “Don’t ya think we oughta tell
Marshal Prince Epal, or at least Deputy T. Cher?” a cowhand asked another
townsfolk. “It’s just a little word slinging. Happens all the time. There’s no
need to get authority involved. ‘Sides, Abigail would get in trouble only for a
little while. She’d probably come back on us for revenge for snitching on her,”
pointed out the man. Nobody noticed Lizzy fingering the gun holstered by her
side. It was an exact match for Abigail’s and had just as much damaging
ability. Elizabeth was a little tempted to use it, but then her fingers landed
on the lock keeping it in its place. Liz could easily take it off, but she had
asked God to put it there so that she would be reminded to not use her weapon. “God,”
Liz prayed, “help me to remember to return good for evil.” Abigail was getting
bored and decided to get in one last shot and then leave. “Whatever, you’re
such a weirdo you’re not even worth mine time,” she fired and then left.
Everyone was surprised as they saw Lizzy stand up. She didn’t have any wounds
showing. Nobody knew that all her wounds were on the inside. But Lizzy also
knew that God was beginning to heal them already.


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The Showdown

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