The Secret Forest

One bright Sunday morning, best friends Gary and Scott start walking down their street with Gary’s dog, Sarge.

They walk up Younder Street and turn left and go down Everest Lane. Then they walk towards the river, get in their boat, and push off.

“Wow!”exclaimed Scott. “We are really gonna have an adventure looking for that by the Morgan house.”

“Uh huh. ” grunted, Gary. “Did anyone see us? I hope not because this is supposed to be secret.”

” I don’t think so.” said Scott. “Uh oh!”

“What?” asked  Gary.

“Look who’s coming!”

“Hi Gary.” said Susan.

“Hello,” answered Gary.

“Whatcha doing?”asked Susan as she jumped in the boat.

“Nothing,”answered Scott as he frowned. Susan wasn’t supposed to come.

After they reached the other side, they made their way through the woods to the Morgen house. Some people believed it was haunted. As they reached the house, Susan screamed. Sarge, Gary’s dog’s head had been in Gary’s bag, but when Susan screamed, he had run off with it.

“Wait, Sarge!”yelled Scott. They all took off after him.

“Susan, you go there by the house to look. Scott, you go over there, and I’ll look here, “yelled Gary.

“I don’t want to be by myself by the house,” wailed Susan. The boys ignored her. Scott spotted Gary and yelled, “Any luck?”

“No,” answered  Gary. Where is Susan? Maybe she found him. The boys looked, but now Susan was missing. She had just disappeared Where was she and Sarge?

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The Secret Forest

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