The Savior

What is that I hear?
It sounds like singing.
I go over the hill.
What is that I see?
It looks like angels.
Look over there.
What is that light?
It is coming from a barn.
What is inside?
A baby.
A baby in a feeding box.
There is a star over the barn.
Kings bow down to the child.
Could this infant be the promised one? 
He tells us such wonderful stories.
He heals the sick.
Sometimes there is a whole line of blind, sick, lame, and deaf people waiting to be healed.
He talks sometimes about Heaven.
Could He be the Messiah?
I watch through tear-filled eyes.
It is so dark I can barely see Him.
The outline of the cross shines in the moonlight.
My Savior, my Teacher, the one who healed me is dying.
I wish there was a way to help Him.
Why, why did Jesus let this happen to Him?
I do not understand.
Is He really Christ?
He is Savior of the whole world.
He was, He is, He will be.
He will never leave me.
He is Christ.
Yes, I made this myself. Hope you like this.

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The Savior

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