The Sabbath Day by Tayla

My Name is Tayla and i will be writing about a Boy’s adventure named Pete that happened in the Caribbean and my Characters are Becy, Pete, Kate, Pete’s mum and Pete’s dad. grin
Pete’s Adventure Part 1
One Morning in the Caribbean, it was a great hot sunny day, everyone was up doing their kind of thing. Pete looked out of the window. ” I wonder what would make my life happier”. Pete said still looking out of the window
   ” Dear! food’s ready!” Said his mum.
    ” Coming mother!” Said Pete. He hurried downstairs to see his Dad looking at him furiously.
    ” Pete! come with me please!” said his Father. Pete was very surprised because he thought he was going to have breakfast. Pete went outside with his Father, Then his Father pointed to the car, ” Who did this!?” Said his Father. The Car was scratched top to bottom!
 Part 2 Next tomorrow smileysurprise

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The Sabbath Day by Tayla

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