The Prize- Part 1 out of 3- About Maisy.

Maisy ‘Charming’ Philipps always walked home with a crowd of people flocking behind her. “Selfie!” one person would call out, and sure enough, a kid would budge up to the front of the crowd and take a photo with their smartphone. Maisy was tired of this. All she wanted to do was to go home without without anyone following her and taking pictures. When Maisy finally got home, she hid in her bedroom until the group of fans would leave.
Maisy Philipps was the second child born to Dustin and Mariane Phillips. Dustin Philipps was famous for being in the famous movie, Britons Problems. On the day of the movie release, the four stars, Dustin, Mariane, Jack and Maisy, walked the red carpet, along with the rest of the stars. The thing was that at that time, the Philipps were so dearly poor. At the end of the movie, they made a whooping great 4,14,000 GPB. The first thing they bought was four bibles, each for each member of the family. They were happy and amazed at what they had bought with their money. A gigantic mansion with an indoor playground and 10 bedrooms.
The only thing was that Maisy wanted a close friend. Sure, who needs friends when you’ve got your whole school as fans? But Maisy didn’t feel that way. She felt lonely and well… desolate. Maisy always looked around in the school canteen for someone to sit with, but instead, she got girls and boys waiting for her autograph and a selfie. Maisy couldn’t find a friend to love.
Wait for the continuation of this story someday!

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The Prize- Part 1 out of 3- About Maisy.

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