The Princess and the Bear Part 3

“Mom, the bear has 2 cubs in her tummy” Princess Emma shrieked when she stepped inside the palace. Can we keep her, we already named her Buttercup.” Cassidy Emma’s mom replied. “I think it is very dangerous for you to have a mama bear, but since our maids Joy and Caroline know lots about bears and Caroline was a veterinarian,I will allow you if they agree to help with her.”
“Yay, thank you mom.” 8 year old Emma said while jumping up and down. ” But she can’t stay in the house.” Cassidy laughed.
Emma’s 12 year old maid Joy smiled and said. ” Wow thank you Mrs Jones. I will definitely help with Buttercup.
“Can we make a big hut so she can live closer to us?” Emma asked “Ok, I will call someone to come and build it if she will even live in it”
A few weeks later, the hut was finished.
Joy told Emma how to call a bear and soon the bear followed them home. But, it would always go back into the woods. A few days later, Joy went outside to water the plants. She saw Buttercup the bear in the hut they had made for her. The 2 girls were especially excited about the cubs being born. 

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The Princess and the Bear Part 3

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