The other nameless chapter2

Idk if the other chapter is gonna be posted with this one but anyways to the story since the other chapter had a long intro which basically was my whole life story .
 Chapter 4/5/6 ??
! Btw VERY short !
 Also I know . Same pic but I had no time so ….
                Jiwoo POV
I helped her up . “Long time no see” I whispered to her . “Same” she said in a happy not so whispery voice . She has recovered pretty quickly from the shock .
I wanted to say something else , and pour out my heart and tell her my life story but I felt as if someone was watching .
I turned around and saw a woman with a camera duck under the bushes . I wrote something quickly on a piece of paper and gave it to her and ran to the dorm. Rumors were gonna be all over the internet.  She also understood and ran away too . Running I different directions. 
                   Jisso POV
As I was running I felt so happy to have met him once again ! I ran home again .
When I got to the door it was already like around 2:00 a.m. . I opened the door slowly trying not to wake up Mrs.Kang
( let’s call Mrs.Kang , mother ) .

Fortunately she was asleep. I tiptoed to the door of Youngkim

 ( the little girl who nickname is Kimchi).
 She was sound asleep. I went to my room and lay on my bed and remembered the note/paper and got it out of my pocket .
Meet me at the bridge at the same time . And here’s my phone number *numbers* 
I put in my box were I kept all my important stuff. And went to sleep .
 few hours later
! ring ring ring !
 My alarm woke me up . I saw the time 4:00 a.m. 
I got up and went to run . It was a habit , mostly to avoid mother .
I made my way out without waking up anyone and then after running until 6 I went to my brothers office to tell him and because I haven’t seen him in a long time . At that very moment I got a text from him. I was so excited because I haven’t heard from him .
Come to my office as soon as possible 
hehe another cliffhanger! Hope you enjoyed these last few short chapters .
btw questions ( yes am gonna start making y’all think )
why did Jungwon ask her to go as soon as possible? What about the rumors? And the girl with the camera , who is she ? Is Jisso gonna meet Jiwoo again ? Is Jiwoo gonna tell the members ? Anyways I loaded you with a lot of questions but until next time !

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The other nameless chapter2

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