The new story

Hi everyone this the story like I said in the Mimi the singing dog story if it came out yet but anyways it takes place in 1942 and it is 2 stories of 2 girls but they meet each other in a few chapters maybe but to get you start here you go;                                                                                                                                                                                                             “Are you scared of wolfs?” Mother asked me, and my sister as she was giving a mini puppet show .” No” we answered thinking our 8-2 year old answer would be true but it wasn’t .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ITAILY 1942 IN THE COUNRTY 6 YEARS LATER                                          We heard the planes test fly and scream over our heads but we didn’t mind a bit because its been that way for 5 months since rumors of War started . I didn’t want any war starting soon but it seemed we were having a war soon but for now I wanted to live a care free life before war and all and what better than to enjoy that with a ride . I went to Dynamite a black horse that was around 3 years old and had the most silkily hair I saw . even though it was early dawn with the slight  dew and the moon glowing still yet with pink and blue splashed in the sky with the birds singing there daily songs, with that to take in, I pulled Dynamite’s  silkily hair softly and got on his back slightly wet with dew and guided him near the 4’o clock train tracks  and pretty soon as soon as I saw the train , even far away looking like a pin far away, I waited until it came close and then  we raced the huge metal snake, I felt free from the world and life as I shouted with no one to hear Jennie , me screaming . No one. No one.                                                          

“Mom I don’t want to move or leave you just because of some dumb war” Ava cried to her mother and father at the dinner table . Ava stormed out the room crying to her room , she didn’t want to lose anything , her life was perfect, she was rich, had a home, never had to go hungry, or wear tight clothes, and had lots of rooms to herself and she loved this life and didn’t want to leave it  and she vow to never her home .  THE NEXT DAY….. .She was on the 4’o clock train with a pretty long blue dress and her hair in tight bun with not a single lose hair strand with high heels and her blue suitcase to match her dress with carefully printed  on the front Ava in Gold . She lost the war she was against her mom and dad . she said her goodbyes trying her best not to cry and sat quietly on her VIP seat and ordered a cup of caramel tea with a fancy French dessert on the side , ate it and slept on her comfortable seat but awoke when she heard faintly above the loudness train noise in the early morning and saw a girl with long black-brown hair, free on a horse actually riding it and in riding clothes, she was definitely not from the city , she had seen horses but never someone riding them they were  always  hauling carts or fruits . She saw the girl’s lips move , she was shouting something .she was riding the horse . And the horse was running fast . The girl kicked her legs against the horse and the horse went faster , they came near a stone wall , she gasped they where going to hit it , she could get hurt , the horse , . they jumped over it. and ran faster . The tracks went on one way by it self and the horse and girl another way themselves, she felt it the jumping and running and it felt like something she have done for years and that she loved doing and she said ” I want to do that” . Bye guys next chapter soon. 

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The new story

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