The new story about Julianna and her brother

Let’s skip the greeting and all and get to the point , the story…….
 Jennie is now Julianna and Caleb is now her brother.
 Chapter 1 
I saw my mom leave me alone. “Momma” I cried as I fell and cried.
I really fell. I fell off my bed and landed on my baby blue puppy rug and lay there .I was going to get up but remembered it was not a school morning it was summer, so I fell asleep again on my rug . ~~~~~ I woke up on my rug again with the sun blinding me , so I stood up and went to get ready and put on my favorite jeans and hoodie that was galaxy themed and brushed my tangled hair , with much pain and tears I freed my hair from the painful tangles and went down the stairs for breakfast . I saw that our foster Mom was already at work also her husband so I just lay my head on the table as expecting a plate with my favorite breakfast to magically appear but it didn’t so I went ahead and made myself breakfast. Egg omelette. As I was going to eat my masterpiece I heard a small voice, “Omelette” I saw my older brother stare at my plate with wishful eyes , that is if he could see with that fluffy hair of his . I rolled my eyes and slid the plate to him and watched him gobble up my beautiful masterpiece. We stared at each other a bit until I broke the silence and said “Am going to play the piano” “what am I going to do?” Caleb asked , “I don’t know , get a job” “am too young”  as if he was a 5 year old. “Your old enough” “no!” “Yes! You are or go do something helpful at least” “fine” he said as he left to his room. I left him to go play the beautiful grand piano our foster parents had . You could say they were rich with the huge fancy house and all . I tried to count all the rooms but only got up to 27 rooms and the house seemed never ending , one time even the dog got lost and we had to go search the house me and Caleb , and spend the whole day looking for that dog . I touched the pianos keys and play a small tune on it but then remembered me the bad moments of playing a piano . Ok look here is what happened . My real mom force me to play the piano and advanced music pieces and scolded me harshly when I didn’t win the Chopin contest and also with my brother who also was forced to play piano . I did found a small love for it but can’t seem to remember the notes . So after mom died we lived with Mr. and Mrs. Whitlock. We kinda loved them but didn’t get the God thingy especially when their kids around 10-11 tried to explain but we didn’t get it . I found it a miracle when they said they wanted to foster siblings that are 14 and 15 . So I left the piano and went to pick up the dog who spent the whole night in the bathroom somewhere…. but forgot where it was so I went to bug Caleb to show me for the hundred time where it was . I knocked on his door waited. I waited 15 minutes. Until he opened the door and asked me “yes?” . I told him and then we went to search for the dog and found him chilling in the sink.
yeah that’s it for today hope you like were this is going once again her name is now Julianna and Caleb is NOW her brother so yeah see you in the next chapter! It’s getting weird here……

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The new story about Julianna and her brother

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