The mysterious house

Hi this is part 2 this is the dogs side her name is Aki  she a Shiba Inu dog hope you enjoy.             Sniff sniff sniff  come on girl , A black haired woman took me to a empty cage in the pound ok ok I told her with my eyes I sighed  goodbye girl be good the woman named Betty said as she walked away, I close my eyes and remembered how I ended up here ,it all happened when my family and I were going back home from the dog park I needed to stretch my legs…….. come on Aki we are almost there Alice said then we heard something It sounded like a rattlesnake ahhhhhhhh Alice screamed it was a rattlesnake ! Run I told her but instead of running she dropped my leash and then ran to the car wait for me I howled but my family’s van was off I stayed there for a hour in the rest stop and realized I had my collar in the car then even worst somebody had called the pound and that is how I got here …………..wake up girl someone wants to see you Betty said I stood up and in my head said could it be?. That was part 2 thanks for reading

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The mysterious house

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