The mysterious house

Part 5  here we go.                                                                                                                    CAT! Run away ! Mimi shouted .Aki and Mimi ran away~ Kiwi stayed , Do you want something ? the cat asked . The barn cat asked. No? Kiwi said .,” Ugh dogs ,”the cat meow “They always  run away they always go home, ” the cat said rolling  his eyes (well if cats can roll their eyes) Am just going to go see the horses Kiwi said ,very well go on your way The cat said ~Hi horses Kiwi said ooh if humans can ride horses maybe dogs can too! Very carefully Kiwi got up a post (some how) and jumped on a beautiful paint stallion . Come on horse let’s go Kiwi barked .but The paint did not move (oh and the paints name is Biscuit) hmm what is this ? Kiwi said looking at some reins and Kiwi shook them and tuged until she gave up~ I give up this horse is never going to walk ! Then Kiwi leaned forward and Biscuit started to move , yay dogs can ride horses ! until Biscuit started to trot and then broke into a gallop STOP BISCUIT STOP Kiwi cried , they gallop into the forest and then Biscuit stop and sent Kiwi flying over his head and then ran away ,No Biscuit come back ! Then Kiwi heard something she thought she would never hear…….               am going to make part 6 in two weeks thanks for reading bye lol

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The mysterious house

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