The mysterious house

Hi everyone sorry it took me forever ( at least I think it did) well you ask for it you got it here we go.
Ahooooooo wolves howled . Uh oh I don’t like the sound of this Kiwi said , just then a pack of wolves surrounded Kiwi help Kiwi cried grrr the wolves where about to attack when a small Yorkie came it was Mimi ! Step a side sis Mimi said , so Kiwi step aside . There are lot’s of rules for you wolves first one never ever get near me or my sis or Aki you understand? The wolves in fear backed off then they ran off deep into the woods , what was that a about ?Kiwi asked I don’t know but at least they went away ~ they got home and just then their owners arrive and told them they had to go to New York City because the parents had to go on a important trip ~ Beep-Beep cars honked, woh Mimi said is it always this loud? Yep Aki said <> 2 weeks later<> yay today is the day I must find my old best friend Jasper ~ Mimi got out of the house when the humans were not looking and ran to the street into a ally and just then saw a small jack Russell ~ Jasper! Huh? Jasper stood up who are you and what are you doing on my ally ? Am Mimi remember? Mimi? I thought you were in Ohio Jasper said well we decided to come to New York City Mimi said well now that you here let me show you something Jasper  said …….. 
that was part 6 of the mysterious house I hope you enjoy it and sorry I always cut it short but the part maybe will hmm I will post them everyone Sunday or so so bye lol

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The mysterious house

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