The mysterious house

Hi everyone this is part 10 of the mysterious house enjoy!!
we are here! Jasper said , and just in time too! Mimi said <2 weeks after Mimi found her humans a letter was sent to Mimi from Hollywood> the letter said this: dear Fern family the Hollywood studios need a small dog to be in a movie and we think your pup is the perfect star! Please call us if you are willing to let your pup be in this fabulous opportunity to be a star of fame . the Hollywood studio crew. Well guys what do you think ? Mr. Fern said, what are they talking about ?  Mimi asked Jasper, I really don’t know< later that day the decision was made to let Mimi in the movie and so
 they were at the parking lot of the huge Hollywood studios>Ok Mimi be a good dog Emily said after they have signed the papers, Ok I will said Mimi <30 minutes later after the dressing up> AND ACTION (ACTION) the director shouted. The sound of camera’s could be heard and the actor  saying their lines could also be heard . A few minutes later…. NEIGH a horse galloped like the wind…. (later) the girl actor “Dania” sat on the bed were Mimi was sitting, and CUT the director shouted that all for today bye everybody, the director said looking at her huge book of the movie Dan take C and Sara take D and the camera people do the updates please. and with that everybody was gone even Mimi for she has gone home…. MIMI! Kiwi shouted WHAT WAS THE MOVIE ABOUT?! Kiwi asked shouting  again , well its about a horse movie and I got the boring part being the movie stars dog and I almost got squished by the horse Mimi told Kiwi, well at least your in a movie Kiwi said, I guess so Mimi said to her sister. That all for part 10 I hope you enjoyed it bye

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The mysterious house

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