The Missing Library Book

The Missing Library Book

“Denee!” my mother called from downstairs. “I’m going to the library! If you want to come, you’d better hurry up!”

I jumped, startled. “Here I come!” I yelled, and started out the door. Just then I remembered that I had four library books that I needed to turn in. I gathered three of them from the floor and glanced around my room for the fourth one. It wasn’t in sight.

Not too worried, I began to look around the room casually. I still couldn’t find it.

“We’re waiting for you!” my mom screamed, obviously annoyed.

I raced around my room, looking under my bookshelf and my bed, throwing open desk drawers, and combing through my closet.

“Come on!” my mom shouted.

I pulled on my shoes, still looking frantically around the room.

“Denee, now!”

I had no more time to look, so I grabbed my three books and dashed out the door.

I ran down the stairs to the car, praying the whole way. “God, please find that book for me. I really need it! And please, God, don’t make me pay a huge fine.”

As we drove to the library, my thoughts whirled out of control. Where could the book be? How much will the fine be once I find it? Will my allowance be exhausted? How did I lose this book? I usually keep my library books in a certain place so I don’t lose them! Why did this one get away from me?

When we arrived at the library, my mother, my brother, and I rushed inside. I dropped my three books off and searched for new ones, trying to forget about my lost book, Stacey’s Movie by Ann M. Martin.

When we were ready to check out, we headed up to the desk. My mom handed the librarian the library card so that she could view the status of the account. I held my breath, waiting for the librarian to mention the missing book.

Nothing happened. The librarian began to check out our books.

Why isn’t she saying anything about the lost book? She must have missed it. She’ll mention it, I thought.

But she never said anything except, “These books will be due back in three weeks. Have a great day!”

I gathered my books and trailed behind my mother and my brother as we left the library. I was relieved that the library didn’t know about the book, but I was still confused. Why didn’t the book show up in the account? I knew that my book hadn’t been turned in.

As we drove home, I puzzled over it some more. Then an unexpected thought worked its way into my mind: Could God have placed the book in the library? I shook my head. God could do it, but why wouldn’t He just help me find the book? I couldn’t come up with a reason why, but then again, I couldn’t come up with a reason why not. Finally I decided to check the computer catalog for the book during our next trip to the library. Until then, I would look for the book at home.

* * *

Three weeks later, I hadn’t found the book, and we were back at the library. I headed to the computer, wondering what I would find.

I typed in “Stacey’s Movie” and clicked “Search.” In a few moments the title appeared. There was only one copy, my copy, of Stacey’s Movie in the library. I nervously clicked the title and then looked away, afraid of what I’d find. Finally I felt brave enough to glance quickly at the page. Then I stared. “CHECKED IN”?

This has to be a mistake, I thought. I jumped from my seat, heading to the well-known shelf that housed Stacey’s Movie. My eyes flew over the book titles. There it was! I pulled the book out and stared at it. The cover was faded as if it had been in the sun, but it was the very book I had lost.

Right there in the middle of the library I fell on my knees and thanked God for the awesome miracle He had sent me. I was sure that He had been involved in putting the book there!

Smiling from ear to ear, I went to find my mother and tell her everything.

That experience convinced me that God cares about us. He cares about every detail of our lives, even something as small as a library book. So don’t ever hesitate to ask Him to help you. He will. Why? Because He loves you.

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The Missing Library Book

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