The Midnight texting part 2

Sorry I haven’t done a part 2 yet. But y’all are in luck, I’m finally doing part 2 of “The Midnight texting part 2”.
The next morning.
Christian: You up and ready?
Ben: Yeah. I’m kinda scared. I don’t know what to expect.
Christian: You have nothing to be scared of. I’ll introduce you to my girlfriend Beth.
Ben: You have a girlfriend?? Well you can introduce me to her.
Christian: Well, not really. She’s my crush. But that’s not the point
Ben: Okay.
Christian: Oh look at the time! It’s 10:15!!!!!!!
Ben: Oh man!! I’m on my way over!!!
Christian: Okay, see you soon.
So looks likes Ben is really going to be going to church for the first time. But wait, did Ben tell his parents were he’s going to be? Well You’ll just have to wait for part 3.

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The Midnight texting part 2

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