The Messenger of Fire

mother wanted her daughter to marry well. She strongly advised Catherine to
show more interest in her appearance to attract a potential suitor. After this
happened, Catherine did a bold thing. She cut off her long, golden hair.
Catherine didn’t do this out of anger or spite. Catherine had been born to a prosperous dye-maker in 1347.

age seven, Catherine had a vision of Jesus with the apostles. From that day
forward, Catherine of Siena had an undying determination to dedicate her life to
God’s service. Catherine had been an energetic child and came from a big family
with over twenty children. Now, instead of marrying her sister’s widower, as
her parents had expected, Catherine joined a group of nuns called the Third Order of
Saint Dominic. The nuns were kind to Catherine; she learned how to read. 
Since Catherine’s vows didn’t
require her to leave her parents, she spent her time in meditation and prayer in a small room at her parents’ house. 
was sixteen-years-old.

         After receiving another important vision, Catherine went
out and ministered to the poor and needy in her Italian homeland. She also
became like a spirited angel of mercy to victims of the Black Plague which had
plunged Europe into a period of darkness and uncertainty. She prayed for people
ravaged by the disease and was said to perform miracles. Catherine had many
followers and reminded people of God’s love and mercy at a time when God was
thought of as a stern, distant judge. She pointed out corruption in the
Catholic church and served as an advisor to the pope. She sent heartfelt
letters to discouraged Christians. Catherine also dictated sermons which shed more light on a Christian’s relationship to their Savior and fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. 

Catherine of Siena never forgot the reason for her mission and remained a faithful follower of
Christ until she succumbed to a stroke at the age of thirty-three after a lengthy
fast. Today, Catherine can be remembered for her selfless devotion to God’s
people during a violent epidemic and her courage to differ from social
expectations for a young woman living in the Middle Ages. 
did not hesitate to give advice to those around her or stand boldly for Biblical

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The Messenger of Fire

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