The Lord is With Me

The Lord is with me through every trial, tribulation, or troubled emotion
His words soothe me more than the gentlest lotion or sweetest balm
To every turbulent thought, He brings an immediate calm
The Lord is with me in spite of myself, when I doubt myself
There is no sense of force or compulsion on His part
For the Lord, my Savior and Friend, loves me freely from His boundless heart
Where His goodness begins, there is no cruel, careless, or callous end
His mercies are as infinite as the numbers on a chart
The Lord is with me through great times of loneliness
The Lord is with me through long droughts of doubt
The Lord is with me when my face wears a rebellious, sulky pout
The Lord is with me; I won’t care what despair the world gives me here
What harm could ambush anyone who trusts in the Everlasting Sun?
What could happen to His cherished children, every single one precious in His sight
His hands formed them and the earth yet-to-be; He conquered the night and set truth free
Hi everyone! Please, let me know what you think of this poem or if there’s anything that I could improve on! Love you guys! love
P.S. I’ve been enjoying the book of Psalms; thanks for the suggestion BookwormJo!
P.P.S. Does anyone enjoy reading Little Women by Louis May Alcott? I’ve started the book again recently and hope to finish it soon!

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The Lord is With Me

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