The Little House On The Hill, Chapter 3

Story so far: Anne and Luna go to the little house. when Anne is about to open the door, four gunshots ring out.

“What’s going on?” I say in my mind. “I knew this was a bad idea!”

“Luna! We’ve got to pray!” I say. I kneel and pray for Luna and me to be safe.

By this time, the guy who had shot the gun had started coming toward us.

“Let’s run!” says Luna. We hurriedly ran towards the road.

The man in pursuit, Luna and I run to my house. I shove and lock the door, then go to the window. The man is banging on the door, with an angry look.

By then, my mom is there, asking what I am doing. She looks out the window too; hearing the banging. She then opens the door, and the man stops. He still has the gun in his hand, and I’m wondering what he’s going to do with it.

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The Little House On The Hill, Chapter 3

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