The Journey-Part 2

The Discovery
     The next day, time seemed to drag for Aaron. He managed to sit still through English class, but Algebra was a different matter. He enjoyed it well enough, but today, it was al he could do to keep from screaming in frustration. He could not wait for third period–and choir auditions. Aaron had his doubts about whether or not he’d qualify, and consequently, was nervous enough.
     But finally Algebra class was over, and Aaron quickly gathered up his things, muttering to himself.
     Jason approached him. “Say, did I hear you saying something about enduring ‘an unholy alliance of numbers and letters’?”
     “Yeah, something like that.” Aaron shot back with a grin.
     “Come on, you two. We don’t want to be late for auditions!” Justine said as she hurried to the door
     In the music room, Aaron sat nervously through several auditions. Man, these people are good, he thought.
     “Aaron Chadwick.” The music teacher called. “Go ahead and sing something. Just give it a shot,” he instructed.
     Taking a deep breath, Aaron began singing. He decided to do an old favorite of everyone’s, ‘Amazing Grace’
     As his voice rolled out through the stanzas, the teacher glanced up, shock registering on his face. Aaron cringed, thinking, I guess I shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up too high. He finished and hurried back to his seat. Heaving a sigh of relief, he avoided the stares of others, glad it was over.
     Shortly afterward, the bell rang, dismissing the students for lunch.
     “Say, wasn’t that algebra stuff awful?” Aaron joked, trying to get the recent audition flop off his mind.
     “Yeah, well, you sure blew us all away back there.” Levi replied.
     Confused, Aaron said, “What on earth are you talking about? I was just as confused as the rest of you.”
     “Not algebra, Aaron, the auditions. Did you guys see the teacher’s face? He was shocked.”
     Still confused, Aaron said, “Would you please explain what you’re talking about?”
     “The auditions, of course. We had no idea you could sing like that! Have you ever taken voice lessons?”
     “Yes, a few.” Aaron admitted. “I just hope I make it into the choir.”
     ” Are you kidding? There is no way that the teacher could keep you out. You’re too good!”
     Starting to feel uncomfortable from all the attention, Aaron tried to change the subject. “Hey Anna Lee, you did a great job on the piano! How long have you been playing?”
     “Oh, as long as I can remember. In fact, my mother sometimes says I was born playing the piano. And you can just call me Annie. All my friends do.”
     “Thank you, I’ll do that. Well, I hope you get the part.”
     “Oh, she will. None of the other kids can play half as well as her.” Chris said with a chuckle.
     The list of accepted auditions for choir finally came out. After enduring another agonizing Algebra class, (Aaron could barely stand algebra when he was anxious) the bell finally rang. Everyone crowded in close to the small piece of paper, eager to see whether they’d made it through. With a sigh of relief, Aaron spotted his name near the top of the list. He’d made it! Quickly scanning the list, he saw Jason’s name along with Chris and Laurel’s. Unfortunately, though, he didn’t see Levi’s or Justine’s. But yes, there at the bottom of the list–‘Accompanying Pianist, Anna Lee Thompson’
     Grinning, Aaron joined the throng of students streaming towards the cafeteria. Plunking his tray down on a table, he was soon immersed in the conversation. Most of the talk revolved around the choir.
     “Man, am I ever glad I made it!” Aaron exclaimed.
     “I still can’t believe you ever doubted you would.” Laurel replied.
     “Well, doubts or no doubts, he made it!” joked Levi.
     “I don’t think he realizes just how good he is,” Annie commented after Aaron had left to return his tray.
     “I think you’re right,” Jason said as everyone else nodded in agreement
     “Aaron, I’d like to speak to you in my office, please.” The music teacher said to Aaron a few days later, just as he was packing up to go home.
     “Yes, sir,” Aaron replied, wondering what on earth was the matter. Had he done something wrong?
     “Have a seat.” Mr. Smith, the music teacher, motioned toward an empty chair. After a moment of ominous silence, Mr. Smith spoke again. “Lately I’ve been toying with the idea of starting a select choir, with some of the better singers participating. I was wondering if you’d be willing to participate?”
     ” Well, what would I do?” Aaron asked with a sigh of relief. Good, I’m not in trouble.
     “Mostly just show up for rehearsals and performances. I think we’ll just do gospel music. Are you familiar with it?”
     “I’ve never sung it, but I listen to it occasionally.”
     “Well then, you’ll probably catch on quickly. First rehearsal will be tomorrow after school. Can you stay?”
     “I believe so. Thank you, sir.”
     “You’re welcome. Thank you for your willingness to participate.”
     “Yes sir. Till tomorrow then.”
     Aaron shut the door and leaned against it, letting out a huge sigh of relief. He’d been afraid he’d gotten in trouble. I wonder why he wants me to sing in the select choir. I’m not all that good, he thought. Picking up his backpack, he headed outside and hopped into the car with his dad.
     “Sorry I’m late. The music teacher, Mr. Smith, detained me in his office.”
     “Are you in some sort of trouble?” Mr. Chadwick inquired.
     “No, he wanted to talk to me about joining a select choir.” Aaron replied. “So tomorrow I’ll be staying late after school for practice.”
     “That’s great! I’m glad to see you getting more involved in music.”
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The Journey-Part 2

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