The Japanese Mystery Pt. 9 (Third and Fourth? Completed?)

It was Saturday, April 13, 2013 at 7:02 PM and they declined the invitation of their parents going with them.
“No thanks. We’ll be fine. A lot of friends will be coming anyways.”, Hiroaki said.
“Ok. Be safe.”, their parents replied.
“We will!”, they replied in unison.
“Be back by 11:00 PM!”, their parents shouted as they closed the door.
All their friends were at the place they promised to meet.
“Ok, let’s go!” Hiroaki led them to the forest.
“We need to find something glowing.” Takahiro told them.
“How about there?”, Daimon, a friend of Itsuki, pointed with his hand* to something glowing.
All eyes looked to where Daimon pointed towards. They all saw it. Something glowing.
All 23 boys rushed to it. Hiroaki picked the glowing glowstick* on the ground. Wrapped around it was a note.
It read: Mark your spot lest you get lost. Go nishi* until you find a cherry tree in the middle of the forest. In any other direction is danger.
All the boys went in the direction they were told, lest they should go towards danger.
They were walking for 17 minutes before the found the cherry tree. On the branch was something.
“Could it be? Is it? It is!”, Itsuki exclaimed in awe.
The fourth clue and the popular cherry tree!
Hiroaki climbed the tree and retrieved the clue.
It read: Well done. You have wanted to complete this mission. Pull the branch that points kita* or danger will fall upon you.
They pulled the branch. A strange rumbling happened. Did they pull the wrong one?
The tree grows and grows. It grows until it is the tallest tree. A door appears. On the door it said: Well done. Enjoy the Japanese Mystery. You deserve it. They open the door.
A gigantic indoor treehouse! It was definitely expensive. They all join in the fun for half an hour and were going their ways when on the door was a thing that said push the button and it will return to its normal tree size. They pushed the button next to the door and it went to its normal size. They went home with content hearts at what a prize they’ve found.
Amazing! Isn’t it. This is only the beginning of the story. There is much more to come. Haha! Of course this is not real so don’t go to Japan to try to find this. This is probably one of the best parts in this story. There most likely will be better. I hope you guys enjoyed it. I thought it would be cruel for me to end where it said: Did they pull the wrong one? I didn’t end that part where most people would but you know. I got to be nice sometimes you know. Well I will post the pictures this week as well, of course as I always do. Well I hoped you liked the ending of the beginning, hehe. I put some thought into what I would do at the end. I just thought of this first somehow. Well they have a new gigantic secret treehouse that only they know about. What more could you ask for? You will see at the end of the story who did all this. Yes, I almost forgot the words you guys don’t know that I used cause they are in Japanese. Here you go. See you later!
*In Japan they find using or index(pointer) finger to point offensive so don’t do that in Japan. They use their whole hand like a server does in a restaurant to carry the plates and point in the direction which way to go.
*I couldn’t find if they use glowsticks in Japan but I think they do.
*Nishi is west.
*Kita is north.

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The Japanese Mystery Pt. 9 (Third and Fourth? Completed?)

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