The Japanese Mystery Pt. 8(The Beginning of the Weekend)

It was Friday, April 12, 2013 and Itsuki was beginning of the end of the weekend.
Itsuki was in History class doing a quiz and was trying to figure out what was the answer to question 7.
7. Why do the Northern Lights occur?
A. The Northern Lights occurs from a big projector that is in the north only when it is winter.
B. The Northern Lights occurs from the sun’s rays when they hit the magnetic field which block off most of them and some go in because the magnetic field goes down the middle of the earth and they get carried off and shine against small particles in the sky and show colors.
C. The gods preform a night show with their wonders.
D. None of the above.
Itsuki circles B and finishes.
Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!
“School has ended. Please go to your homeroom class.”
Itsuki turns in the quiz to his History class teacher and goes to his homeroom and tells the teacher that he is going to ride back to his home.
Itsuki arrives outside only to find Hiroaki and Takahiro waiting for him.
“That last question was kind of easy on my History quiz. The rest were hard though.”
“Well that’s nothing compared to the higher grades.”, Hiroaki said.
“Yeah, well I’m going to get better.”, Itsuki strapped his helmet on.
“Hope so.”, Hiroaki started to ride his bike.
They went their own separate ways to their own home.
“Well, I can’t wait for tomorrow! We’re finally going to figure out that mystery!”, Itsuki said excitedly.
They opened the door and went inside to eat and later went to sleep.
I want to warn you guys that they are NOT Christians and it is not a Christian school. They are only at the beginning of their journey at figuring the mystery of finding what the mystery is. Hehe. Non-Christians’ point of views are actually kind of interesting. You guys are seeing up close about what non-Christians are like. I personally don’t think that them being Christians already would be interesting since we are already Christians and know how they are. I hope you guys enjoyed part eight of the story. It took some time to figure out. Next part will be about clue three. So stay tuned for that. It will be a good story. I will give one hint. They will be going with some more friends. See you guys in part nine! Bye! I will also give another picture this week as well.

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The Japanese Mystery Pt. 8(The Beginning of the Weekend)

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