The Japanese Mystery Pt. 6(Help!)

It was 5:39 PM and Itsuki was just bitten by a lethal snake!
“We need to get him to the hospital and quick!”, Hiroaki said while he tried to get Itsuki on his back.
“Yikes! There’s blood. It definitely bit him!”, Takahiro tried to help Hiroaki.
“I still want to figure out where we were supposed to go! On the back of the note it said to travel north-west from the tree!”
“Yeah. I want to know too but we gotta bring him to the hospital now!”
“I know!”
They run as fast as they can to the hospital while leaving their stuff there. 10 minutes later they made it to the hospital.
“He got bit by a mamushi! He needs help!”, Hiroaki told them urgently.
The nurses rushed Itsuki to the room.
An hour later they were allowed to go into the room.
“He is doing better. He is lucky it wasn’t a deep bite.” The doctor, Daisuke, said impressed.
They sighed with relief.
“He is ready to go.” Daisuke said nodding to the boys.
“Now we can continue!” Itsuki said.
“No, we will go back and go home. We were lucky we weren’t charged for that. Let’s hope no one notices.”
They get back home at 6:00 PM.
“How was your time at your friend’s house?”, hahaue asked.
“Good.”, The boys said as they went to their room.
They entered the room and sighed with relief on the bed. Later, they went to eat supper.
Hope you enjoyed it! Next part will be about the next clue. This is the only time for 4 in 1 week. Cya!

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The Japanese Mystery Pt. 6(Help!)

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