The Japanese Mystery Pt.3(Disappointments)

The clock hit 4:00 PM and the brothers sigh with disappointment in their bedroom that they shared.
“Why!?”, Itsuki’s face crumbled like a sheet of paper.
Anger swept over their faces.
“You need to wait till next Sunday. You never know it could be a trap.”, their chichiue’s voice kept ringing in their ears.
They shared the story when they finished eating.
Time seemed slower than ever. Bing, bang, bing, bang, bing, bang.
“Ughh! Such an annoying clock. I wish we had a less noisier one.”, Hiroaki’s voice groaned.
“I got it!”, Itsuki whispered loudly.
“You got what?”, Hiroaki’s voice was mumbled because the pillow was over his mouth.
“I know a way we can get back out there!”, Itsuki’s voice still whispered.
“How?”, Hiroaki’s voice grew with interest as he heard the words.
“We can say we are going to visit our friend and we will, but, we won’t travel to where we saw the note on the tree until about half an hour later and with our friend we can go around the long way to the note, so our parents won’t see us!”, Itsuki made sure his voice couldn’t travel to anyone outside the room.
“Which friend and what if our parents say ‘no’, then what?”
“You can choose any friend and if they do say ‘no’, then we’ll just stay here. Anyway it’s worth a shot.”
“Well let’s see if it will work on them, what are you waiting for? Come on!” Hiroaki made sure to still keep his voice low.
I hope you guys are enjoying the story so far. I’m trying to keep them short and the stories will be educational and there might be 15 – 50 parts of this story because of that. You guys can choose if you want the stories to be longer or short like these tell me in the Discussion Forum under My Story in the What Should I Do? section. But You Must Be Logged in to your account. Please tell me so I can put up my stories faster. Thank you! PS: Give me any feedback also under My Story in the discussion forum. Oh and if you’re wondering why I didn’t show their parents talking it’s because I don’t know which names to use yet.
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The Japanese Mystery Pt.3(Disappointments)

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