The Japanese Mystery Pt.2 (The Big Question)

This afternoon at 3:10 PM Hiroaki and  Itsuki are bicycling home from school and busily chatting about what they like and don’t like.
“This day was great! I got to tell my new teacher, Mr. Katsumi, everything I’ve been studying the whole summer!”, Itsuki said on excitedly.
“That’s great, Itsuki!” Hiroaki said and now talked in a doubtful voice, “But.. what is this random paper doing here? Because I haven’t seen it before.”
“Hmm… yeah me neither..”
“It says something though. Read it.”
“It says.. THIS IS THE FIRST CLUE OF THE MXSTERY. What could that mean?”
Hiroaki looked puzzled.
“Let’s check later after supper”, Hiroaki said after a long moment.
“Ok. We can ask chichiue and hahaue* after supper.”
“Yeah, I want to see what they think and if they’ll allow us.. or… maybe.. they won’t allow us. We can see if they are in a good mood first. We can probably do it during the weekend.”
“Yeah, we can probably invite our friends as well. That would be fun.”
“Ok here we are.. home.”, said Hiroaki a little hopefully.
 *Chichiue and Hahaue is a polite way to say father and mother.
I hope you guys are liking the story so far it will be fantastic! I won’t fail you guys 😀 The next part will be finished next week on 8/22/21!

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The Japanese Mystery Pt.2 (The Big Question)

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