The Japanese Mystery Pt. 10 (The Japanese Mystery 2?)

It is Sunday, April 14, 2013, and Hiroaki and Itsuki were eating breakfast and telling them about last night’s discovery.
“Impossible!”, exclaimed hahaue!
“I know! It’s true though!”, Itsuki spoke as if were just a dream.
“You must take us there to see if its true.”, hahaue told them.
“Ok we will. Let’s eat and we’ll go there.”, Hiroaki said.
“That’s a great idea. We’ll do that.”, hahaue said.
They ate grilled fish, rice, miso soup, and Japanese pickles.
When they finished they got ready to leave. They left their home and entered the forest.
“Wow. I’ve seen this forest several times but never have I been in it!”, chichiue exclaimed.
“Yes, me too!”, hahue said with awe and wonder.
“We’re here.”, Hiroaki said.
“Yes! Which way is kita? Oh that way!”, chichiue said.
“Pull the branch.”, Itsuki said.
Chichiue pulled the branch. The rumbling occured. It grew unitl it was the tallest and thickest tree.
They door appeared and showed another note!
It read: For The Japanese Mystery 2 go minami*.
“What! Another one!”, exclaimed Hiroaki.
“Let’s enter first.”, Itsuki said.
They opened the door and their parents mouths dropped open. This is a real luxury house.
There was everything a person needed in there. Five bathrooms, five bedrooms, two indoor pools, three elevators to underground levels and upper levels. The first story had a maze of doors and a piece of paper for all the codes on the locks. It had an indoor pool, a small ice rink, kitchen and dining room. There are also the five bedrooms and five bathrooms and great air conditioning.
“This is amazing.”, their parents said with a tone they never had used before.
They were speechless while Itsuki and Hiroaki grinned like they ruled the whole universe.
They used the gigantic secret treehouse all day until they had to return home.
Wow! I’ll tell you guys all the other details later on as they story continues, of course. I hope you enjoy poor people living in luxury and becoming rich! I don’t know if they should be Christians later on cause some of you guys probably already experienced that. I’m sure you guys haven’t experienced anything like this(99.9999…% chance it doesn’t exist especially for free) so I’m sure you guys will enjoy it. They will continue to use the treehouse until they explore everything themselves cause its so much. They will have some hard trials later on to go through. Its not just they get everything free of course. That would be kind of boring to be honest. You guys most likely, I’m supposing, like mysteries and dangers. You guys will like the story and it still will be educational. You guys learn Japanese words and will be learning Japanese names(I’m searching these things online cause I myself don’t know them so I’m learning as well). So hope you enjoy them! Yes, there are more mysteries to come later on. I wasn’t thinking to do this when I started but you know. Life changes. Ok bye guys!
*Minami means south.

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The Japanese Mystery Pt. 10 (The Japanese Mystery 2?)

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