The Harvest Fest

It was October first, 2023,  as I was getting ready to go to the harvest fest with a gleam  in my eye.  I was prepared, all set, and ready like I was about to have the fun of my life!  Last year it was going to rain,  but there was food,  pony rides,  and even a bouncy house!!!   But this year,  I new it was going to be different. As I came in the car,  I realized it was going to be so hot this week,  that it was going to feel like summer!  We came early at 11:30 as mom wanted to help get everything ready.  Now we have to work in the hot sun?!   Oh boy.

As we worked,  I realized  that there will be a few changes this year because of the heat,  but that was okay, right?

It was time for the Harvest Fest as we all gathered around to have the blessing for the food.  We all prayed with the pastor and then all of us kids went to the petting zoo and to get a pony ride,  while the adults talked and ate.

The pony rides were fun as I rode on the pony named bear, And petted the mini pony,  but the heat was 80 degrees in the beginning of fall!  I was very hungry as I went to the pavilion to get some apple cider,  popcorn,  and doughnuts.  As I ate, I asked my dad if I could play the app “Sonic Dash” on his phone.  Suddenly,  my mom stopped me as I was about to play.  Mom said this with a gleam in her eye,  “honey,  this is a time to hang out with family and friends and play, not a time to play on the internet. Now give the phone back to your father,  NOW!”  I sadly apologized and gave the phone back to my dad.  A while later,  we were about to go on the wagon ride.  The kids got to go first on the wagon ride.  Then came the Adults.  As the Adults were riding,  I told the others that I would run behind so I can annoy the Adults.

And so I ran behind and turns out, a couple of women took pictures of me and I kinda got irritated by it but eventually I got tired.

Running,  my sister Amelia came to me and said, “ are you crazy?”  Then she carried me till we got to the pavilion so I could get some popcorn.

Then It was all over.  All over.  I went in the car,  took off my shoes and socks off.  And then We went home.


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The Harvest Fest

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