The Good Master and the Wicked Servant: A True Story

There was a master. The master created beings. These beings
were to serve him. The master gave them free will. He elavated one of these
servants above the rest. This home was a happy place. Then one day the servant
higher than the others allowed doubt to enter his heart and he misused his
freewill and began to doubt the master. The master permitted him to continue
live in in the house. Eventually the rouge servant turned 1/3 away from the
good master. The renegade servants then attempted to overthrow the master but
were terribly beaten. The master then cast them out of his home.

The master has built a new home. He has created new living
beings to live in this new house. They were also given free will. The wicked servant
also managed to trick these new beings into disobeying the master. From that
point on sin entered earth and the wicked servant ruled the usurped inheritance
of Adam. Many years later the master, Jesus Christ, would give his life up and
come to earth, live a perfect life despite those he came to save refusing,
rejecting, and scorning him. That was not the end, he was raised from the dead!
And his blood bought back the inheritance of this house, earth. He also bought
back those servants who choose to accept his gift and be saved. But what of the
wicked servant you  ask? He roams the
earth like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. When you choose to do bad
things you are choosing wicked satan as your master instead of righteous God.
Is that who you want to serve? Someone who only wants you dead? I don’t know
about you but I prefer serving my righteous master, Jesus Christ.

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The Good Master and the Wicked Servant: A True Story

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