the girl who found God

  Their was a muslem girl who didnt know about the true God and when she was fifth teen she askedTheir was a girl named tiana who  her mom for a chirstan bible and her mom was confused that her dagutor wanted that and her mom asked : why do you want it . She told her mom that she wanted to be chirstan and her mom was very angry that she wanted to be a diffent religen. The mother quickly  told the girls father  and the father said i will buy you the bible and i will drop you to church on saturdays  and you will wear dresses. Tiana was so happy that day she couldnt wait until saturday.
She had thanked her dad hundreds of times. When it was saturday and she was so happy and at the same time she was nervous but when she got in the church every body helped her and she was happy.


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the girl who found God

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