The Girl God Rescued, Bonus 4

Here is more bonus material for the continued story in this week’s Guide.

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Brittle stars and bi-valve shells such as the Lima lima need protection. Without it, they’re in big trouble. God always has the ability to help His creatures—including us—when they’re in trouble.

For example, He gave squirrelfish big eyes to see well in the darkening water.

The Channel clinging crab has numerous twitching “appendages” to help it with tasks such as catching and eating food. It can also hide under a ledge when

Creatures that swim, crawl, or ooze along during the day head for cover just before sunset. They use ledges, sand, rocks, sea fans and even sponges for
safety. They don’t take chances because the night feeders begin looking for food at this time.

When I first saw the slow, bungling, movements of the burrfish, I thought, This guy is in big trouble! I noticed the stubby fins and tail and
watched its sluggish behavior. The fish just lay there doing nothing! Most fish are busy doing something! Gulping water isn’t going to do you a bit of good, I thought. I’m a fast swimmer with these new fins and yours can’t compete with me.

The burrfish gulped more and more. Soon its eyes looked like they would pop off the end of its body. I winced. Two tiny lips bloated up like two
hot dogs on the front of its face. I drew in a deep breath. Suddenly the fish that looked helpless became a ball of needles that stuck straight out! I
screamed and ran from the water.

Think for a moment. You might look or feel helpless when your enemy, Satan, comes around, but remember the burrfish. It obeys God’s command to “gulp
water.” The enemy gets going in some other direction.

You can’t gulp water and expand into a frightening mass of spines, but you can follow the secret rule that makes Satan flee. James 4:7 says “submit your
will to God.” This just means to do it God’s way, which includes praying for help! Then the verse says to “resist Satan,” which means to say no to his
suggestions. According to this verse, you’ll get the same results that the burrfish got. Satan will flee!

By the way, check out this photo of a squid. Aren’t the colors beautiful?

All photos by Sally Streib (
) and Clyde Thomas and Reggie Thomas (

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The Girl God Rescued, Bonus 4

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