The Brave Princess (part4)

Just then another royal family arrived.” A family came here, and I see a girl about my age can I go say hi to them mom?”Eloise asked. Sure,we will come too. “Hi my name is Eloise,what is your name?”Hi the girl said “My name is Chloe,I am eight years old and this is my little sister Ella-Mae who is six and my older brother Chistopher who is ten”. I am eight too and my older brother Everett is ten,”Eloise replied. the children went to play while the parents introduced themselves. Ella-Mae was a little shy so she stayed near Chloe her sister and watched them. Eloise told her new friend Chloe about the puppy still crying for help.
“Chloe said I can swim, you can come with me and after we get the puppy, I can teach you if you want”. Eloise was a little scared at first but when she went in to the water it did not feel so scary.Chloe stayed beside her to hold her up and make her not scared.
When they reached the puppy she gently picked it up out of the water and brought it back to shore. ” its a girl, hi little puppy I will dry you off ” thank you Chloe she said. Eloise brought it to the manager  and asked who it belonged to. A lady said,” It is a newborn pup whose mom died. We were thinking of giving it to someone, thank you for saving it we did not know she was in the river, if you are alowed to have her it is my plesure to give her to you, she is not yet named. Eloise ran to her mom and dad and asked them excitedly” pleeease can I have this puppy, I asked the Manager and she said she was thinking of giving her to someone and she said I could have her.” Ok honey, we now know that you are responsible enough to have a pet”her mom told her with a smile. Chloe and Eloise sat down to think of a name for the pup.”I think we should name her princess Elizabeth-Special”Eloise told her friend excitedly. “I think that name is perfect”Chloe replied.” I can teach you to swim tomorrow, we can play with your puppy now.” 
A few days passed they got ready to leave. Eloise learned how to swim and she found out that Chloe lived in a kngdom close to hers. When the carriage arrived they went in the went in “Bye Chloe, Ella-Mae,Cristopher,King George and Queen Tiana.” Eloise shouted “See you soon.” “Bye” they chorused. Eloise smiled as she cuddled her puppy.
                  THE END

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The Brave Princess (part4)

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