The Brave Princess (part 3)

The next day,they set off in their shiny yellow carriage.
When they reached camp,the servants went to the hut to clean it and unpack their things before they take the carriage back home.
Meanwhile,the royal family went to canoe and enjoy the cool breeze and the warm bright sun.They wore their best swimsuits and life jackets and started canoeing.When they were at shore Eloise cried out”I think I see a puppy struggling in the middle of the river.”Eloise realised it really was a puppy and wanted to help it.She was eight and she could not swim because at home her mother trained her to do other things.She did not have a pool or anything to swim in either.So Eloise wen to her brother only two years older to ask him to help her get the puppy.” Everett, since you float, can you get the puppy,PLEASE?” she asked.” No i’m busy trying to catch birds dont you see, anyway dogs can swim. She heard the whimpers of the pup and made up her mind to her mind to get it somehow.Carriage Museum - Pitti Palace - Florence

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The Brave Princess (part 3)

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