The Brave Princess (part 2)

The Brave Princess  (Part 2)                                                          (part 1 The king and queen are deciding to go on a vacation)
“I agree my dear”, replied Queen Henrietta nodding her head.
The excited children who were eavesdropping behind the parlor dur burst in. “A vaccation!” Eloise shouted jumping up and down and clapping her hands, “Where are we going?” asked Everett.
“Now now children” their mother said sternly,”It is not good to eavesdrop, but yes we are considering going somewhere, any ideas of a place?”  “Let’s go to the Worldide Animal Zoo”Eloise shouted excitedly,” or the pet show” Everett snorted ” you always have something to do with animals,we should go to the movies or to a soccer match.” he said. ” Don’t be mean to your sister, king Hector said.” Then can we go to Royal Manes River for a few days?” Eloise asked, “That’s a great idea right?” Hector asked his family.” Sure said Henrietta, okay I will get some things,everyone start packing Everett ordered.” their parents chuckled. A few servants came rushing in to help.
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The Brave Princess (part 2)

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