The Blame Game – Chapter 4

After school that day, while walking home with her best friend, Alyssa, Angelina let out a loud sigh of relief. “Phew. Got off scot-free once again.” She skipped as she walked after saying this, as if she didn’t have a single care in the world.  Alyssa rolled her eyes at her friend, and continued to walk home, rather silently. Something was on her mind. “You ok, Lyssa?” Angelina asked her friend, concerned. “You’re being kind of quiet today.”

“I’m fine, Angie, it’s just…”, she took a deep breath, then continued.”I know you were the one who broke into our school with Avery last night.”

“What, no, you saw it was all Avery, she got in trouble, she confessed and-” “Save the story, Angelina,” Alyssa responded rather seriously.

“Ok, fine! It was was another one of my classic capers.” It was Angelina’s turn to roll her eyes, and afterwards she added, “What’s the big deal?”

“What’s the big deal?’ Breaking and entering is a crime!! How do you not understand that?”

“But I didn’t get caught.”

“But you could’ve, and now because you didn’t own up, poor Avery had to take the punishment all on her own!” She sighed, then added, “Do you remember the story of Adam and Eve?”

Angelina scoffed, “Of course, we learned it as kids, who wouldn’t?”

“Well, they were told not to eat the forbidden fruit, but they did anyway, right?”

“Yeah, so they hid because they heard God coming.” “And when God came into the Garden, saw that they were hiding, and asked them about it, what happened?”

“Easy. Adam blamed Eve, who then blamed the serpent.”

“But did they all get in trouble?”

“Yes. What are you getting at?”

“What I’m saying is, it doesn’t matter who they blamed, they still had to face the consequences for what they did.”

“Ok, I see what you’re trying to do here,” Angelina said angrily, and created some space between herself and Alyssa. “You’re tying to make me feel bad about earlier. Well, it’s not going to work!”

“No, I’m not,” Alyssa said rather calmly. “All I’m trying to do is remind you that, if you’ve done something wrong, even if no one else knows you did it, God always will know, and -”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever,” Angelina cut her bestie off. “Listen, can we finish this conversation later? I’d like to finish, y’know, walking home?”
“Fine.” Alyssa sighed despondently, and started walking again. “At least I tried,” she thought.

As they walked past Mr. Sanders’ house, Angelina stopped in front of it. She then grabbed Alyssa by the arm, yanking her over to where she was standing.

“Hey, look!” she exclaimed. “There’s Mr. Sanders’ car, and he left his door slightly open and his key in the ignition.” She fully opened the door and started the car.

“What in the world do you think you’re doing?” Alyssa asked her friend, worried. “You said that after last night’s little prank you’d stop doing things like this. And now you’re driving away in Mr. Sanders’ car? Have you completely lost it?!”

– Hey Guidesters! Sorry I couldn’t get this chapter out sooner, as I said I would back in February. Due to many circumstances, I wasn’t able to come on and write for a little while. But I’m back now! Hope you enjoyed chapter 4 of my story! I thought Adam and Eve would be a great tie-in for @Laina’s suggestion of having a bible story in it! Sorry if it there was a lot of dialogue this time around lol. See you in chapter 5! 😄

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The Blame Game – Chapter 4

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