The Blame Game – Chapter 2

The next morning, Principal Miller walked into the high school auditorium with a very straight face. All of the students from the 11th grade classrooms were waiting for him, as they were called in so that he could get some information on a strange occurrence that had taken place the previous night. As they all settled down, Mr. Miller opened his mouth and was ready to speak. 

“Students,” he began, “last night I heard a strange sound in the hallways where your lockers are. When I went to investigate, I saw that there was a locker open and a metal water bottle on the floor. I also think I saw two students leave the school in haste, and they looked a lot like a few of you. Thus, I have multiple reasons to believe that a few of you broke in last night, and I am very displeased. Now, I didn’t see anything stolen, so I’m not mad, but I am disappointed in whoever committed the act. What kind of an example are you setting for your underclassmen? Now, whoever did it needs to confess, and then after which he or she will be taken to detention.”

“Oh no, he saw us!” Avery whispered to Angelina. 

“Shh, you better not tell and be a snitch,” Angelina told her friend. The two friends caught Principle Miller’s eye.

 “Girls, is there something you’d like to share with me?” Principal Miller asked seriously.

“Umm, yes, Principal Miller. I broke into the school last night, and I also had A-” Avery was interrupted by a pinch from Angelina.
“Avery, I expected better from you. Normally you’re much better than this. Now, come with me to detention.”
“But Mr. -” Avery was again interrupted, this time by Principal Miller.
“No buts. Come along now. As for the rest of you, you are all dismissed,” he said as he exited the room with his companion.

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The Blame Game – Chapter 2

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