The Beauty of Color


You know, most of us take color for granted. However, there are people out
there that cannot see as many colors as the rest of us. Usually they are
called colorblind. Most of us have three cones in our eyes that help us
detect colors. Even weirder, there is a small percentage of women that have
a fourth cone. This allows them to see more shades of color than the rest
of us.

Dragonflies have between 11-30 cones in their eyes. Just imagine how many
more colors they see. I cannot wait when we get to heaven because we are
going have our minds blown! The Bible tells us that we can’t even begin to
comprehend what heaven is like.

I love painting and drawing. When I paint, I use just four colors (Red,
Yellow, Blue, & Black) on a white background. I am amazed at the
rainbow of colors I can make using just those base colors.

Do you want learn more about colors? Check out the Optics Honor:


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The Beauty of Color

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