The Beach 2

hey it’s ‘Liyah I’m back! sorry the second part of this story took so long coming, I didn’t plan to write a second part (I only wrote it for an English exam) also sorry it’s kinda short but here it is anyway…
Tubes, lights, needles. The next few hours was a blur. I had no idea where I was. And my chest hurt so bad. Tia!?”  I opened my eyes, slowly taking in my surroundings. I was in a hospital with Mum was sitting beside my bed. “Oh Tia are you alright?”. She rushed forwards to hug me. The nurse who was watching from the door came over to look at my monitor with all of it’s urgent flashing lights. “Careful!”, she said, “Don’t excite her!” Mum disentangled herself from my side and sat down. “I think it would be best if you left now”, the nurse said. “I’m sorry, but Tia isn’t well enough to see visitors yet”. I couldn’t speak because of the tube in my throat. Reluctantly, Mum followed the nurse to the door, waved goodbye, and she was gone. I felt so lonely. For the next few days after that, I passed the time just getting used to things at the hospital. It was horrible. I was sure I was okay to begin with, but the doctors and nurses around me were always saying things like ‘brain damage’, ‘dry drowning’, and ‘pneumonia’. It didn’t help that I knew what those words meant, either. Now I had a new nurse, Nurse Cooper. She was quite nice and always chatted to me while she was checking my monitors or preparing my medicines. She made my hospital stay bearable. Unlike Nurse Jackson. I hadn’t liked her since she’d told Mum not to visit. Every time I tried to bring up the subject to the nurses they pretended not to hear. It had been almost three weeks and still news. I was desperate. One day, while Nurse Cooper was doing all her usual checks, I tried to get her attention. She seemed surprised. “Are you okay?” She came over to my bedside. She brought me a small white board and a pen. I took it and wrote; ‘Where is my Mum?’
hope you guys liked it and sorry again about it being short. please gimme tips too, don’t feel bad to be harsh I’m defo not a perfect writer! tysm ppl

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The Beach 2

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