Thanks ComputerGeek! Im glad you enjoyed the sto

Thanks ComputerGeek! Im glad you enjoyed the story. I have some other things Ill be posting periodically.
This is a sequel to the last story I posted:
“I’ve always hated gravestones.” Erryn remarked softly, staring at the smooth block of stone.
Ally nodded, “They certainly are sad.”
“It’s not just that, its just so, so meaningless, a lifetime compressed into a single block of stone.”
“That’s true.” Ally nodded.
Erryn was a little irritated at her friend’s simple answer, but she knew that was just the way Ally was so she let it slide.
“How can we expect a single stone, no matter how pretty, to stand for what was once a living thing, full of life. A rock shows nothing about what that person was, or even who they are really. It almost seems wrong to even try. Disrespectful somehow. How can people think that a pretty headstone changes anything? Its like when a person dies they become an object, everything they did, all they lived for is gone, just a memory, just like them. A few boxes of meaningless metal, a story in the paper, and a chunk of rock, all that’s left of a lifetime. All that’s left of a living, breathing person.”
Ally just nodded. Church bells rang and she turned towards them.
“Come on, we need to go.”
Erryn nodded, but leaned forward first, tweaking the small plastic flags crisscrossed in front of the gravestone. She ran her finger over the words one more time, reading the inscription silently. Not that she really needed to, the words would be forever printed in her mind.
Clay Parker
January 11, 1990-June 16, 2011
Fought, lived, and died bravely
Loving and Loved
Erryn stood slowly, shaking her head, and whispered, “All that’s left.”

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Thanks ComputerGeek! Im glad you enjoyed the sto

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