Tara and Theo #6

Warning: This is a flashback scene. And it’s short.


 6 years earlier 


“You’re leaving me.” I scowled at Julie and her husband. “I’m sorry. I’m very sorry.” She sighed and knelt in front of me. “God told us that we needed to be his missionaries to the First Nations People. We have to leave next month, and Ontario Child Services won’t let us take you out of the province. We would adopt you if we could, but adoption is a long process. It could take up to a year.” She took my hand.

 “You’re leaving me!” I cried. “Although we have to leave, God will never leave you. He will always be with you.” “Why does God have to take away all of the people that I love?” I screeched. “I don’t know honey. God has a plan for your life. He will do what’s best for you.” Julie tried to hug me.

 I pushed her away and ran to the door. Julie’s eyes filled with tears. Her husband bit his lip and wrapped an arm around her shoulders. Theo hugged them both. “I’ll miss you. But at least you guys aren’t dead. Will I ever see you again?” “If God is willing. Whenever we get a chance, we’ll come and visit you.” Julie’s husband said.  Ms.Brown took Theo’s hand and my hand and walked towards her car.  As Ms.Brown started the car, it suddenly sunk in. I might never see them again. I pushed open the car door and flew to them. “I’m sorry.” I whispered, clinging tightly to the couple. “We forgive you. Just remember, God has a plan for you, and He’s always taking care of you.” Julie gently put me back into the car. Tears blurred my vision as we pulled away. I wiped them away with the back of my hand.  Taking a deep breath, I looked ahead. “What’s next?”


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Tara and Theo #6

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