Tara and Theo #2

Tara narrowed her eyes suspiciously as the Robinson’s led them to their kitchen. How long will it take for them to give up on us? she wondered. She felt an unexpected pang of sorrow slice through her chest. This family reminded her of the James family. When they were seated around the table, Mrs.Robinson asked her children to introduce themselves. “Hi. I’m Caleb and I’m sixteen.” The brown-haired teen ducked his head and grinned. “Say one thing about yourself, Caleb.” Mrs. Robinson urged. He thoughtfully folded his hands behind his head. “Well…I like hockey.”  He nodded towards his younger sister. She brushed her dark brown hair out of her eyes. “I’m Elisha (God is my salvation) and I’m eleven. I like…skating and drawing.”  Her light brown eyes sparkled as she shyly glanced at Tara. “I’m Elisheba. You can call me Sheba. My name means pledged to God.” the youngest girl said. Tara saw her brother’s jaw tighten through the corner of her eye. ” I’m ten. I like reading bible stories and asking questions.” she continued looking mischievous. “Most people say I’m annoying, but what other way do I have, to get answers?” Mr.Robinson smiled affectionately. “Yes. She is the chatterbox of the family.” ” I’m Mr.Robinson and I like camping and hiking… anything that you can do outdoors.” he smiled again. “I’m Mrs.Robinson and I like reading. Well… what about you guys?” Mrs.Robinson asked expectantly. All of the family turned to look at Tara and Theo. Unnerved by the sudden attention, Tara looked pleadingly at her brother. He cleared his throat. “I’m Theo. I’m thirteen and I like sports.” “And what about you?” Sheba asked turning curious green eyes on TaraTara lifted her chin. “I’m Tara and I’m thirteen and I don’t like being told what to do.” Everyone drew back in surprise, even her brother. inwardly, Tara was surprised at her outburst.  The first to recover was Caleb. “Well then… what do you like to do?” he asked. “Play sports, I guess,” she said flicking a long strand of hair over her shoulder. “Well… it seems you guys are getting along well.” Ms.Brown said. Until then, everyone had forgotten that she was there. “I’ll check up on you tomorrow. Well, I’ve got to go now. Later.” She smiled and left the house.   

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Tara and Theo #2

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