Shalom aleichem!
Here is a short (long) story I wrote. This was an assignment for my class. The picture above is of a snowman I
The sunlight shone through Avery’s bedroom window. 

Her light blue bedroom was very bright. 

The glow of the sun lit up her face. Avery stretched, and yawned. Today is going to be a wonderful day. She thought. Avery slowly sat up. 

“It snowed!!” She shrieked jumping out of bed. She quickly got dressed and ran downstairs. Her twin brother John came down a few seconds after. “It snowed!!” They both exclaimed at the exact same time. Their mother started serving out the breakfast while they sat down. After they prayed and thanked the Lord for the day and the food, they started to eat.

“I almost forgot it was Friday. We have to go to school…” John sighed.

“No! Don’t you remember? It’s a PD day! Can we play outside after breakfast?”
Avery asked. “Sure! But, take Cocoa out too.” Mom replied. 

” I have to go to work and dad will be staying late today.

 But Casey will be coming over to watch you both. She should be here any minute.”

“Yay!” The 9 year old twins shouted.

After they had finished eating and cleaning up, Avery and John put on their snowsuits and rushed out the door. The snow sparkled in the morning sun. Cocoa, their little brown Labrador Retriever pup started running around in the 1 foot deep snow. He dug in the snow until he found a stick to play with. “What should we do first?” Avery asked Jim. “We should make a snowman. Let’s try to make it bigger than we’ve ever made one.” They shoveled a small area. Then, they started rolling a little ball of snow. It got bigger and bigger. 

Soon, it was very hard to roll so they stopped. They rolled two more balls of snow and they stacked them on top of each other. They put 2 small but strong sticks in the balls before putting the other one on top so it would be stronger.

“Wow! This snowman is so big. Now, we just need the eyes, the nose, the scarf, the hat, the buttons, and a few other accessories.” Avery said. They ran inside to get the things they needed. Cocoa followed them. They came outside a couple minutes later. Then, they put the eyes, two big, plastic eyes from Mr Potato Head Man, a toy. John  put the nose, a carrot he had taken from the kitchen. Avery put John’s toy crown on the snowman’s head. “Oh, we forgot to get the scarf and buttons.” Avery ran inside to get them. John threw the stick for Cocoa to chase a few times, but then he went to make a few snow angels. Soon, Avery came back and they went back to the snowman. 

“Where’s the nose and eyes?” Avery exclaimed. “They were here when you left. I went over to the little maple tree to do some snow angels around it. Where could they have gone?” “John, this is not funny! Where did you put them?” Avery glared at him. ” I really didn’t trouble them.” “There’s no one else who could have moved them.” “We will never find it in all this snow. Mom said we could only have one carrot and we shouldn’t lose the stuff!” The children started to look, around where they had shoveled. They looked for about 5 minutes. Avery put the scarf and buttons on the snowman. “Oh boy! I guess we will have to have an incomplete snowman. Let’s think of a name for him.” ” Let’s name him Frosty, like in the movie!” John suggested. “No, I want it to be original, not like a made up name, but we should be the first people who named a snowman that.” “Well then, Big Head!” John said with a cheeky grin. “No, that’s a crazy name!” They argued for a while on what the snowman should be named. Soon, they agreed on Cotton Ball. After a while, they realized that Cocoa was gone. They called her and looked all around the big front yard but she wasn’t there. They started to worry. Where could she be? They soon heard a little bark and ran around to the backyard. They saw Cocoa, bounding towards them. “We were looking for you!” Avery said, out of breath. “I think we should go inside now,” She said. Cocoa started running so they followed her to see what she was doing. She had dug a big hole in the snow. There they saw the carrot, and the eyes. ” Cocoa took them! How did she get them? Maybe they fell…” The twins took the nose and eyes and put them back on Cotton Ball, the snowman. Then they went inside. “We made the biggest snowman we have ever made! It’s name is Cotton Ball!” John told Casey. “Yes, it is very big. You were outside for more than an hour. I was just about to call you both inside.” Casey served them some hot chocolate and they told her how they lost the parts for the snowman and also Cocoa and how they found them. “We should take a picture of Cotton Ball.” 

“We can show the picture to our friends at school.”
“Ok, but come back inside quickly. I have some fun things for us to do today!” Casey said with a smile.

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