So this is a story about a girl believing in God but her best friend doesn’t.
 Chapter 1
One day Sally (I made that name up) was talking to her friend Rachel. (made that up too) “Wanna come over to my house?” Rachel asked. “Sorry Rachel but i’m going to prayer meeting today so I can’t come over. Another time?” “Sure.” Rachel replied and sighed.  “See ya later girly.” Then Sally left her friend. Then Rachel’s other friend Brittney walked by. “Hey Whats up Rachel?” Brittney asked. “Nothing much it’s just that when ever I wanna hang out with Sally she has this prayer stuff to do. I mean what type of weirdo prays?” “Um…Rachel…I do and lots of other Christians do to. That was a mean comment. I suggest you keep your thoughts to yourself.” Then Brittney walked away. “What have I done?” Rachel asked herself then she continued walking home.

Chapter 2

When Sally reached her home she grabbed a bag of chips and went to the living room. “Hey mom.” She said as her mother walked into the room. “Hey Sally honey, ready for the prayer meeting at 4:00?” “Yeah mom I’ll be ready till 4.” Then the doorbell rang. Rachel appeared at the door. “We need to talk.” Rachel said as soon as Sally opened the door. “Mom can I go talk to Rachel for a sec? I’ll be back in time for prayer meeting.” “Go ahead hon. Just don’t be late.” Then both girls went out the door to the patio. “So… What are you doing here Rachel?” Sally asked. “I told you that I had prayer meeting today.” “Well I know Sally but I feel like we don’t hang out like we used to. You know, back then when your family wasn’t in all that religious stuff.” “Well I’m sorry Rachel but God comes before friends. I can’t be with you all the time. Why don’t you persuade your parents to become a Seven Day Adventist? Everyone is really nice. This religion is where I belong. I can’t give it up. But we can still be besties.” “How?” Rachel asked desperately. “Well you don’t believe in God…am I right?” “Well…Yeah.” “Then you can come to church with me! Just ask your parents.” “What if I just wanna come over… Like sleepovers and stuff?” Don’t worry Rachel. I’m not that busy! Just remember God loves us no matter what… and I will always be your friend!” “Thanks Sally for figuring things out.  When I get home I’ll ask my mom if I can go to church with you and Monday I’ll tell you the answer. Thanks being a great friend.” “No  problem. Now Iv’e got to go inside for prayer meeting. Ooh! Can you stay and pray with us?” Sally asked. “Let me call my mom.” Rachel said as she grabbed her cell phone.

  Chapter 3

Turns out Rachel stayed at Sally’s house  for prayer meeting and Rachel goes to church with her. Every Saturday night after sunset they have sleep overs.  Rachel apologized to Brittney, about calling Christians weirdos, and they are friends again. Rachel is teaching her parents about what she’s learned about God. Her parents are thinking about becoming Seven Day Adventist. 

The End


Moral: Don’t be afraid to show your faith for God. Tell your friends about Him. Rejoice his name. Do not be afraid to spread the word of God.

Did you guys like the story? I hope so! It took me 4 ever to type it.

This is a realistic fiction story…BUT It could happen!



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