Stink Bug Haiku

Stink bugs have come back,
Were they ever really gone?
Oh how I hate them!

They penetrate walls,
Appearing out of nowhere,
How do they do it?

Repulsive they are,
Bodies made of strange armor,
Legs that are creepy.

I do not squish them,
Their odor is horrific,
A stench in my nose.

Trying to ban them,
I flick them with my finger;
They straighten right out.

I try something else
The vacuum cleaner I own;
Its bag grows soggy.

The room fills with stink,
Their gas tanks have exploded.
Burning my nostrils.

Buzzing like chain saws,
They dive-bomb and I dodge them;
It’s hard not to cuss.

They hide everywhere,
In lamps and behind posters,
Safe for the winter.

Their carcasses fall,
As conditions around them,
Do not meet their needs.

I sweep and flush,
The toilet is their casket,
For that I am glad.

Stink bugs annoy me,
Why did God create these things?
I do not get it.

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Stink Bug Haiku

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