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LEGO is big part of my life. After I graduated from college I found myself
being bored on my weekends. I was working for the Nebraska Department of
Corrections and my days off were Thursday and Friday. That meant that all my friends were either in class or at work when I was off.

One day I was walking through Walmart buying my weekly groceries. Out of
the corner of my eye I spotted a LEGO spaceship–an X-Wing. As a kid my
oldest brother had a model X-Wing that I wasn’t allowed to play with. So I
was an adult and I figured I had my own money. I was going to buy my own
X-Wing. The next week I bought another set and so on and so on.

Years later
I found myself at a LEGO convention. I had hidden Bible verses throughout a
large model. As kids and parents poured through the event,
several noticed the Bible verses. I realize that God have given me a hobby
that allowed me to share my faith with people I would have normally never
met. That day I was inspired to write the LEGO Design Honor.

What do you do everyday that could give you a chance to share God with
others? Do you ride a bus to school? Do you go to community playground
after classes? Do you play an online video game with a chat box? Your faith
grows every time you share it.

Check out the LEGO Design Honor here.

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