Song of Myself

Song of Myself
Who was I? The lost little one
Once upon a time, a princess
But strayed from the path
That led to the King.

Who was I? The shy child
Who won’t talk to a stranger
Or a distant friend
For fear of rebuke or retaliation.

Who was I? The left‐out girl
The one no one picked for soccer
The one no one really noticed
The one just named Outsider.

Who am I? You changed me, you know—
When you broke the bonds
That made me silent and afraid to speak.
Because you are, I am who I am.

Who am I? The energetic adventurer
Rarely afraid to speak or act
Sometimes rash and silly
Loving fun and ready for excitement.

Who am I? A Jesus freak
like I was told so long ago?
No, not a freak, but trying to be dedicated always
To my Father’s dear cause.

Who will I be? A mother,
Holding her darling child
Looking with her at the sunset
On the foreign sky?

Who will I be? A nurse,
Not as romantic as portrayed,
But still working to save lives
In both ways.

Who will I be? Remembered, I hope—
I want to be remembered
As someone who changed the world
By changing small lives and making the world adjust.

Who do You want me to be?
Forget all else and focus my eyes
On Your ultimate goals
For my little, tiny life.

Who do You want me to be? A soldier
Saying, “Hold up the bloodstained banner—
Hold it up and fight
For Your cause.

Who do You want me to be? Valiant
A warrior of faith—
With You as my defender
And me, your daughter forever.

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Song of Myself

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