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Hmm… I have 3 series, M&R, Failure, and Random Thoughts, but you know what, I need more. (the amount of commas in that sentence is making me uneasy for some reason lol)
(the book review of Song of Eve w/o spoilers)
So the back of the Song of Eve says,
“The author of Project Sunlight (500,000 in print) returns with a story that transports the reader from the high-pressure hustle of the twentieth century to an age of natural grandeur between Eden and Noah’s flood. In this setting she tells a lyrical allegory of innocence besieged by evil. Shaina comes of age in the luxury of her parents’ garden estate. She is engaged to a maker of musical instruments who appears completely devoted to her. But outside her tranquil home, a rising tide of ambition and cruelty threatens to engulf her and taint the people she loves. The memory of a melody draws Shaina away from this brutality. Written by Eve after leaving the garden of Eden, the song mourned her great loss, but promised great hope. This hope invites Shaina’s escape to a peaceful valley hidden from the rest of the world. In Song of Eve, June Strong portrays an agonizing choice some must make-the choice between mortal love and a chance to better know the love of God.
(now I will go into some sections I have made to rate)
Plot of the Story
The plot in this story has been seen before, I’ll say that, however it was an interesting take on it all. I admire June Strong for delving into a period in time that we don’t know much about, since half of the world thinks there were cavemen in that time and not intelligent humans. I did think of the story of Adam and Eve, while it tied into Noah, in a new and different way. That being said, I think she could have maybe done slightly better.
The characters in this book continued to somehow either really surprise me, or not surprise me at all. In Christian books, it sometimes annoys me how ‘perfect’ the good guys are. Nobody is perfect, but somehow we just try to ignore the fact that I’m sure they had flaws. They weren’t great to be around all the time. Also the males are completely boring, besides Nathan, the only character I truly liked because of his diversity. There’s the good guys males, who have seemingly become romantic poets and extremely muscular and handsome because they love God. They also are basically always perfect to be around, and are completely loyal to their wives. I’m over here straight up rolling my eyes every time these characters come on. It’s just too much. Then the bad guys are meh. I did enjoy the story of Ben, except soon the diversity fell and he became the cliche jealous, power hungry man we have seen a million times. Shaina herself was not too different than most of the ladies we see in these kind of books, either. However, I did like her a lot.
I can’t say too much on the romance in this section, because if I do, spoilers will just be flying out of my mouth, but I HATED the romance. It was cringey, and either totally expected or totally unexpected. Icky feelings went up and down my entire body during the ‘romantic’ parts of this book. BLEH.
The accuracy was ok… but we need to understand something. Back in these days, it was normal to live to about 700-900, so they could take their time in life. But in this story, for some reason all the ladies get married like when they are 20-50. NO. They got married around 100. It took a lot longer for them to grow since they were so tall… so no. And someone got married at age 22. HAHAHAHA
Look… this book has really great potential, but the romance just totally lowered my liking of this book. With slightly dull characters, and a meh plot, I can’t say I really enjoyed it. However, I was hooked on it. It interested me, but after reading it all, I probably could have done better things with my life then read this book. If you haven’t read this book, I would only recommend it if you are really bored.
_________________________SPOILERS WARNING________________SPOILERS WARNING__________SPOILERS WARNING______
Alright… so if you haven’t read this book and don’t plan on reading it, here’s the plot.


_________________________SPOILERS WARNING________________SPOILERS WARNING__________SPOILERS WARNING______
This man named Nathan believed in God, but he didn’t really enforce it in his family because he was afraid. He was originally from a place called Havilah valley, and was raised by his godly parents. However, he moved to the city to sell his pottery. There he met a beautiful woman. They were married. His wife was beautiful, but she did not believe in God, and thought it was stupid to believe in Him. When Shaina, Nathan’s daughter, was 15 years old, he decided to bring her to where he grew up, Havilah valley. He was also going to bring her to where the Garden of Eden was. While Shaina’s mother, Ona, protested, Nathan put his foot down. Shaina got to meet Adam and Eve and see the Garden of Eden. She was enthralled by its beauty, and wanted to learn more of God. Even when she went home, she still tried to obey what little she knew about God. And when a man named Ben came to the city from the Havilah valley, Shaina thought he would be a good influence. However, he was intrigued by the ways of the world, and begged her to help him fit in. She gave in, and had a good time. Ben and Shaina fell in love and were engaged, but she always thought of God in the back of her head. One day she heard a man named Enoch preaching about God, and she remembered her journey. She missed God and the holiness and joy in him, but was devastated to find out that Ben did not feel the same way. God seemed to him a pair of chains to keep him from having fun. When Nathan’s younger brother, Ardiel, ran to the city to tell Nathan that his family had been killed, Shaina finally broke from the world and decided to go to Havilah valley with him and a servant. Ardiel was heartbroken since his wife and daughter had been killed. Shaina was heartbroken because her grandmother whom she loved had been killed, and because the place she loved had been destroyed. Shaina and Ardiel pleaded with Ben to go with her, but he decided not to. However, Ben was heartbroken as Shaina left him, and cried all night. After getting settled in a cave, Shaina began to find out even more things about God. She slowly began to feel feelings for Ardiel, and soon he admitted that he felt the same, and they were married. (MAY I POINT OUT THAT ARDIEL IS HER UNCLE. AHEM CONTINUING WITH THE PLOT.) They had a daughter named Navit. She grew up… haha jk she got married at 22 (need I remind you that the normal age to get married was about 100+) to Noah (yes, the one in the Bible). DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THAT ONE. (we’ll talk about this later… ugh) So then it goes on with the story of Noah you read in the Bible. Ardiel eventually is murdered by Ben and his men, but Ben lets Shaina live all alone. Eventually both Methusalah and Shaina get murdered by other people.

(now I’m going to rate the romance, because that’s the only one with spoilers I need to talk about)

_________________________SPOILERS WARNING________________SPOILERS WARNING__________SPOILERS WARNING______
So look, Shaina and Ardiel… I just wish not, but I realize that in those times it was common to get married to a relative. I don’t have much of a problem with that, BUT I DO HAVE A PROBLEM WITH NOAH AND NAVIT. NO. NO. NO. Ok so let’s go over the intricate history of Noah and Navit… they met once, and talked for like 5-10 minutes, and then they got married.
This is how real life works. 100% accurate.
Ok but literally. I’m not even joking. Somehow, apparently, even with the terrible conversation they had… it’s still meant to be. And you’re going to tell me they stayed married for like another 700 years.
I’m not done with this though, let’s talk more about Noah and Navit.
So Noah is visiting the place where every character except the bad guys live, and he meets Navit in the pasture. They have THIS convo. Straight up going to type this mockery of a conversation to you guys. (I will be making a few comments with [] these)
“‘I feel rather useless sitting  here in the sunshine all day waiting for a wolf to creep up on the sheep,’ he confessed shyly. He’s not comfortable with women, Navit concluded, especially a young woman all alone in a flowered meadow [flowered meadows are very scary to men, remember that ladies]. ‘Well, it’s a pleasant way to spend the day, so don’t waste it by feeling guilty,’ she advised, pouring the grain [she had some grain earlier but I cut out that part] into a long hollowed trough, fending off the crowding sheep with one knee. ‘What would you be doing if you were home?’ ‘We work with leather, making sandals and tunics and many other items…’ [no one cares about this so I’m going to skip by it, and I’m going to skip by like two sentences of conversation between them] ‘Don’t your wife and children miss you while you are with us?’ [Navit speaking] ‘Not at all,’ he answered gravely, a hint of amusement in his black eyes [I cut this out, but she’s literally stated like 3 times that he has black eyes. WE GET IT. NAVIT FINDS IT ATTRACTIVE.] ‘You see, I have not yet married.’ [this is the moment I realized what travesty June Strong was about to spring upon me, but I did not realize how utterly terrible it was really going to be.] It was Navit’s turn to be shy. [guys she feels more comfortable with men who are married then those who are not married. This gal needs some help.] Suddenly she felt very young and unsure before this man who had seen the world and graced her valley briefly with his presence. Dropping her gaze, she felt the color flooding her cheeks and had no idea why it was happening. [NEITHER DO WE, NAVIT. NEITHER DO WE. Also I’m going to skip Noah’s long explanation of why he hasn’t married yet, and that he came to this valley to find a mate, and tell you that he’s 300 years old.] ‘Well, it was a poor idea,’ Navit said frankly. ‘There are only a handful of young women here, and none your age.’ ‘So I have found,’ he admitted humbly. [*skips over Navit being embarrassed of how rude she was… even though she was right and I have no idea why she’s now embarrassed but ok*] ‘I must be going home,’ she called over her shoulder as she gathered her empty grain sacks and headed toward home. ‘I shall feel useless again if you leave,’ he answered good-naturedly, but she did not turn or look back.”
Now, after this amazingly boring and useless conversation they had, this happens.
“‘Two days ago,’ Rimona [Noah’s grandma, who of course is going to have this conversation with Shaina, Ardiel and Navit] continued, ‘he told us he had found the woman who made all his years of waiting worthwhile.’ Shaina saw the color drain from Ardiel’s face. [ME TOO, ARDIEL. ME TOO.] ‘To our utter astonishment, he said it was Navit.'”
ugh. I cannot. This one conversation with a cute girl made all those 300 years of waiting worthwhile? Noah, I think you have to get out more…
So has anyone here mocked the fact that many romantic movies escalate so quickly, like for instance, in Titanic, Rose and Jack know each other for like 3 days. After that, I guess they are now willing to sacrifice their lives for each other? BUT THIS TAKES IT TO A NEW LOW. HE MET HER ONCE FOR 10 MINUTES AND WANTED TO MARRY HER. ugh. I cannot.
And then, Navit shows us some deep words on her feelings for Noah… after meeting him for a day. “Whatever she felt for Noah, it had nothing to do with being practical. [BRACE YOURSELVES. I WAS NOT PREPARED FOR THIS AND WAS SOON THEREAFTER BROUGHT TO THE HOSPITAL AFTER READING THESE NEXT WORDS.] It felt free and beautiful like a butterfly and as hard to capture. Although it was so ethereal that her mind could not get hold of it, her heard had known [this is the part where she realizes it’s just feelings, and she shouldn’t keep going on with this BECAUSE THE HEART IS MISLEADING.], she admitted ruefully, since the day in the sheep pasture. [you mean the 12 minutes you awkwardly spent with Noah in the pasture?]”
So they eventually meet each other in a cave, and they pray for God’s wisdom, but Navit cuts it short and says she will marry Noah.
I have no Christian words to say about this.
I literally had to put down my book and play with some instruments for a few minutes after this. It hurt me deep down in my soul. I CAN’T WITH THIS BOOK.
Remember kids, if you meet a handsome stranger in a pasture, and your heart knows it’s “true love” *tries to swallow inward screaming and suffering that is going on in my soul*, you can marry the guy.
She messed up bad on that one. BAD. Everything about it makes me want to throw up.
Anyways guys, let me know if you have read Song of Eve, or how you feel about the other things I talked about! I really want to do these, because I love reading books and also, lately my book series might slow down a tiny bit. Thanks for reading my rants lol!

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Song of Eve | Book Reviews

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