Somehow ch. 9 (pt. 1)



We reached the church with a half-happy, half-upset Aspen. What was up with Lilian? What was so great about Ginny?

I spotted Trinity, and skipped over to her. “What’s up?”

“I dunno,” she responded. “You?”

“Lilian came!”

“Wait… Where?”

“Here. See?” I pointed towards Saige and Lilian and Ginny, who were chatting.

“I knew this violin thing would really do weird stuff to you,” Trinity mumbled grumpily, lowering my hand.

“She’s actually really fun.”

“Hmph. So, why did she come anyway?”

“Something like her babysitter went into anaphylactic shock or something.”

Trinity gasped. “Oh! That’s horrible! My grandma’s aunt died of something like that!”

“I know, right?”

“But can’t she be with her mom, or something?”

“Nope. Her mom has a night shift at the hospital every Thursday.”

“Oof. Who will she be staying with tonight?”

“Us. So will Saige.”

“What! You guys are making sleepovers without us?” Trinity said in mock anger.

I giggled. “Sorry! We’ll do something for the four of us some other day, OK?”


“Fall in!” shouted our director, Mr. Hancock, or, Mr. H.

We quickly ran to fall in line with the other Rangers. In our Pathfinder club, we only have five Rangers. Two boys, Connor and Leo, and three girls, Saige, Trinity, and me. And then, of course, today we have six, including Lilian.

Connor and Leo raised their eyebrows when they saw Lilian.

“Pathfinders, Attention!”

Leo goes to our school, because there are no Adventist schools in Bradlake, but Connor goes to a local Baptist private school, so Connor was surprised to see another person, and Leo was surprised to see Lilian.

We girls just thought it was just purely hilarious, and so we began whispering and giggling.

“Ladies in the back, please!” Mr. H said, obviously none too pleased.

We nodded and then began to choke back laughter. Occasionally a snort would escape, and our counselor, Ms. Baker, would shoot us a look.

I’m still not sure how we made it through the opening ceremony, but, hey! We did! 

And after what felt like hours, Mr. H finally said, “Pathfinders, you may fall out with your counselors.”

Today we were doing the Advanced Cacti Honor. It really focused the most on succulents and the sort. Not exactly the most interesting, but it was fun, and I could tell that Lilian was sucking it all up like a milkshake. She definitely loved it.

On our way back home, she couldn’t stop talking about it.

“Wow, I really wish I could join!” Lilian mused.

“Why?” Saige asked, confused. “Can’t you?”

Lilian shook her head. “Naw. My mom won’t let me.”

“Why?” I asked.

“Well, it’s just that,” Lilian sighed. “I dunno. My mom just…”

I nodded. “That’s too bad.”

“Yeah. It was fun with you,” agreed Saige.


So, will Lilian ever get to go to church? What is up with her and Ginny? Will the “sleepover” go smoothly?

Well, I guess you will just have to find out! (Don’t forget to leave comments!)


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Somehow ch. 9 (pt. 1)

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