Somehow ch. 2



I didn’t think that I would fall asleep until about two in the morning. I just lay there thinking. Who should I minister to? How did I get roped into this? Did I have the guts to talk to someone? All my friends are Adventist or they are Christian! Maybe I could hold a Bible study?

No, I thought. I’m not stupid. I’m too shy. And stage fright. I would have a huge meltdown in front of everybody.

I jotted down my ideas in my diary.

Think, Aspen!!! Ok, so like what am I going to do. So I think I should just do one person. No Bible study group. I’d freak out. So what people do I want to minister to?

Renaldo Tores



Terry Delaney

Kassie Delaney

Jennnifer Palacios

Ohhhh! I think I’ll do Jenny. Yeah! Sure, let’s see how that works out!

At that, my eyelids got heavy and I fell asleep.



Hey sup


Have u started your challenge yet?


A long time ago. LOL




Hey. So wuts ur challenge?


Minister to someone. Im doomed


LOLOLOLOLOLOL I actually wrote that one



It figures

It was just morning and now I was on a bad start. Oh, Trinity.

Sunday passed quickly, and so did my bad mood. Hey, no biggy, right?



“Wake up, Aspen,” Mom prodded my back, letting her dark waist-length hair tickle my face.

I moaned. “What time is it? Ugh, I need an alarm clock.”

“It’s six o-nine,” Mom laughed. “And yes, you need an alarm clock. Now, get up ‘cause school starts in fifteen minutes.”

I sat up straight. “WHAT?!!!”

“Nah, just messin’ with ya,” Mom laughed hysterically.

My head buzzed with dizziness as I let my head fall on my pillow. “Phew!”


“Aspen, you still gotta get up! School starts at eight fifteen!” she said, pulling my covers out.

“Nooo! Cold,” I screeched as the biting Tennessee January cold stung my body.

“Do you want cold cereal,” Mom asked, dragging me out. “Or toast.”

The thought of toast with sizzling cinnamon sugar and melting butter was too much to bear. “Toast.”

“Right! Ginny asked for that this morning too. Cold cereal is too cold for today, huh!” Mom giggled as we made our way into the dining room.

“Not for Cadenza,” I retorted, laughing as Caddie poured frigid coconut milk on Honey Nut Cheerios.

Mom nodded. “She never fails to fall for her Cheerios, does she?”

“Earns the nickname!”

Once the toast was ready, Ginny served herself a large serving, savoring the heavenly smell. I wolfed mine down, trying to beat Caddie for the first to use the bathroom.

“Dude,” Ginny said, watching me eat. “Breathe, will you?”

I shook my head. “It’s now or never!”


“Aspen,” Mom scolded. “You’re not going to die. Eat decently.”

I slowed down a little. “OK!”

Once I was done, I quickly ran into my room  to pull out a pair of faded ripped jeans and a dark green shirt that in one corner said in yellow print “God is my Rock and my Salvation.”

I quickly ducked into the bathroom and in fifteen minutes I was slipping on my navy blue and forest green sneakers with baby blue laces.

I stuffed my books and necessities into my cream and terra-cotta backpack with beagles and pointers and schnauzers printed all over it.

“Time to go,” Mom called. “Daddy is taking you!” 

Ginny and I tripped into the garage and lunged ourselves into the van.

“One week and three days and eleven hours for my next birthday!” Ginny announced. She was keeping close track of her next birthday.

“We all know that, Virginia,” Caddie mumbled, making sure that her makeup was done right.

Daddy hopped into the car and in five minutes, he stopped at the middle school. “Get out or you’ll be late!” 

Ginny and I hurried out of the car.

“Do I look OK,” Ginny asked, tugging a bobbing curl.


“Relax! Sure you do!” I chuckled.

Ginny straightened her leggings. “Positive?”

I don’t think that Ginny can possibly look bad in anything. Especially in that black “Camp Cohutta” T-shirt and mauve leggings

“I look like a total chunk in this jacket,” Ginny moaned once again. “I mean, like, it’s pink! What dignified sixth grader wears PINK!”

“Dude, chill,” I sighed, pushing the atrium doors open. I think I looked more like a chunk, with my puffy blue jacket with iridescent white spots. “Dude! I forgot my violin!”




Soooo, news flash, I once did forget my violin. That is what I wrote that part after. The extra violin I was given was a piece of junk, and I couldn’t play two notes on it.
So, what do you think will happen at orchestra for Aspen today? How will it go?
Any writing suggestions? I need to know! Don’t be shy!
Seeeee y’alllll!!!!!!!

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Somehow ch. 2

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