Sister love….. Final episode!

 The last episode of Sister love. Enjoy! lol
“I know! Come on Cindy, lets go outside.” So Melody Lisa and Cindy went out for a stroll.
” Hi. ” Somebody said. The girls looked around. “Oh, hi Arnold.” Lisa smiled finally noticed a boy with blue pants and a tan T – shirt. ” Where’s Polly? ” He asked. “The loudmouth?” ” Oh she is loudmouth anymore.” Lisa looked at Melody. “More like, sister. ” “Huh?” Arnold was totally confused. “We need to be more careful of how we talk about others.” “Sorry, I….” Arnold was about to say. “It’s not your fault. It’s my fault….. My rudeness to my OWN sister is reflecting on you. Melody said I need to be nice to Polly and maybe she’ll see I have Jesus in me and change.”  Arnold smiled. ” I’m sure it won’t be that hard. ” As they talked, Cindy was sleep in her stroller. “Are you home alone with Cindy? ” Arnold asked bending down to look at Cindy. “Yep.” Lisa answered. Dad came home early to watch Cindy as three kids played in Lisa’s front yard. Then a car  pulled up on the driveway.
“Mom’s home. ” Lisa said. Mom came out and kissed Lisa’s cheek. “Back already?” Lisa asked. “Yep.” Mom answered. “Lisa?” Polly asked. ” I felt that God wanted to tell me you cried and you wanted me to be a sweet sister again. And you love me.” Polly said which made Lisa shocked. Polly ran and hugged her. “I love you too.” She smiled. Lisa hugged back. And Melody, Mom, Dad, Arnold and even Cindy, smiled.
Now it’s time for the final you and me talk.smiley
Is your room flooded with tears? sweat Is it a good ending or what? wink Please push the thumbs up button and/or post a comment if you like it… or love it! See you soon with my other stories!!!!yell God bless ya’ll!!!

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Sister love….. Final episode!

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