Sister love episode 3

Hello! Here is episode 3 of Sister love!smiley
“Well she sure likes you,” Melody said. “Ha! Yeah. Polly doesn’t though, I don’t care. I don’t like her either. ” She put Cindy in her highchair. ” Here’s your applesauce Cindy. ” Lisa made a train noise and put it in Cindy’s mouth. “Choo choo!!” Cindy copied Lisa with her mouth full. Melody smiled. ” When was the last time you and Polly played together? ” She asked. “Seems like never. She isn’t fun anyway. All she likes to do is play dumb girly stuff. ” Lisa answered.
” Lisa. You ARE a girl.” Melody said.  “I mean 7 – year – old – stuff. I’m 5 years older than her. ” Lisa declared.  ” You’re only 12.” Melody mentioned. ” I play with Ricky my 3 – year – old – brother and I’m 8 years older them him.”
” That’s different. He’s cute like Cindy. Polly is rude for her age. ” Lisa said. ” That don’t mean you SHOULD too. Why don’t you try being kind to Polly? Maybe she’ll see you have Jesus in you and change. ” Lisa looked at her friend. Her hazel eyes shook. “I never thought of that.” She laid Cindy’s spoon down. “Melody I don’t know what to do. I’m a terrible person. ” Immediately Melody spoke up. ” No you’re not. You just need to ask Jesus to forgive you. “
Now it’s me and you talk…. again.  Sooooooo sorry it’s short!  red  But it’s a great story though.grin  I hope you’ll stick to the book and read on, it’s a BEAUTIFUL ending!  At first I was just writing a random story because I was bored.confuse But I decided ” Well, hey I can post this! ” I will try to post the next episode. God bless! lol

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Sister love episode 3

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